diaspora africans

not to be divisive, but let’s face it, the diaspora african experience has varied greatly depending upon our ancestor’s evacuation along the middle passage. when i look at the elements of africanity still experienced by our brothers and sisters throughout latin america and the caribbean, i’m reminded that as a group, our culture and identity has been shaped by the location-specific conditions of chattel slavery and colonization.the gullah/geechee people along the coast of the carolinas, georgia, and north florida best exemplify this concept, as they are among the only group of diaspora africans in america who, post-capture, created a language and customs with distinct african traits.
legacy blacks (people of african descent whose history in america begins with slavery) are one of the few people in the world who were forced by whip to divorce themselves from their land, culture, and history. this forced bastardization has in part created and perpetuated the dire conditions our people continue to face.
check out the video below on gullah/geechee language and traditions.

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