my blog’s dope: truths 89

i came across oyeama on tumblr and her picture was captivating.  her timeline tattoo will definitely inspire my next piece of body art.   politics, poetry, and prose = she’s bad.

We are performing cheap excursions when we need to trudge through unexplored terrain. We are talking, writing, and teaching in spirals of unconnected dots. What I find to be most disconcerting is our failure to understand and/or appreciate the absolute necessity for humanization. How do we deal with poverty if we are unable to empathize with the face put upon poverty? How do we deal with health disparities if we believe that one’s race or ethnicity is a dominant and unchangeable factor in race specific health epidemics? How do we deal with rape and sexism if we do not ponder about the burden and agony of masculinity?

this is one of many semi-stream of consciousness, soul bearing pieces.  read her work and be inspired.


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