greetings new friends!

well, hello there!
due to her fabulous bar examination studies, our outrageously fashion forward, smarty pants beauty of a friend t olugbala will be out of commission. she has asked that i take time to help with keeping hope alive. i, being of service to all and very committed to the call of duty, agreed to add my two cents. now that i’m on this mission, i’ve decided to write and share with you my passion. music. i could talk, write and sing about music and all of its wonders, but i’d much rather to challenge myself by taking a shot at being a bit more creative. i’ve decided to take you on an inspiration journey, if you will. where do we artists go when we need musical inspiration? contrary to popular belief, not always stevie, prince, lennon, ellamilesherbie or the countless other masters of music. no question, these people have carved out huge pieces of our hearts that will forever be theirs, but where do we go when we need a tangible fix? another musical friend! ah yes, of course! that girl who really sings her face (musical snob term for a smart vocalist) or that guy who plays (insert instrument here:_______) like a crazy person (another snob term). we need friends that share the same minds and lifestyles. yes, we need the occasional kick in the ass from someone who’s a bit more further along or that girlfriend who will gladly help you with those bitch ass harmonies that you so desire and knows exactly what you mean when you say “i want it to sound tweetish” and won’t judge your process. or, how about that guy friend who will guide you past your very emotional heart and into your logical musical mind, make you read books on oppression and listen to chet baker and johnny hartman because you need to study more than kim burrell (whoops. that was my own personal experience, excuse me). we need to feel normal. more than that, we need validation from more than just our families who wouldn’t know if you were singing or playing the right notes or not. we all need a friend who will share in the headaches and joys of being an artist. i’m sure you can relate no matter what your love is. i say all that to say this: we all need a good circle of friends to keep inspiration coming, creativity new and dare I say it: normalcy. my time with you will be spent in a few ways. first, i will share my  circle of genius friends with you. i’ll start with myself and find my way to the first friend i made while on this journey. hint: i’m sure you know her. yes, i will be doing a bit of “Name Dropping”. i can assure you, these folks are amazingly special. my hope is that you fall as deeply in love with them as i have.

until we meet again, 

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