starting with me.

left to right: slimkat78, dayne, bilal salaam

hi! danye here. i guess its time to tell you a bit about myself. this will be short as i don’t fancy writing about myself. here goes…

i’ve been singing since before my first memory. i was 10 when i first joined a choir and later, in high school, i tried musical theater. in college, i met a man, he too a musician, who introduced me to many beautiful things like film, music i’d never heard and the most amazing people who have become family to me. he showed me the world of “open mic” night on u street in washington, dc. while i loved this scene, i was too consumed by fear to ever consider getting up there to sing my own songs or any of my favorites. i would rather listen to the brave ones. on my own, i studied. i traveled to africa to study music and there, i was introduced to jazz. I can honestly say that this was the first time i experienced true happiness. *tears*. so, let’s fast forward 3 years, i met a genius. she and i became instant friends. she, a lot like me, very shy, but decided to give it a go. she sang and produced her very first album, which excited every singer and musician in the city. her fearlessness inspired me beyond words. i later met others, started singing above a whisper and eventually began singing back up for artists in the city. in 2007, i got together with another great musician. we formed a group we named op swamp 81 we also recorded the peau niore, masques blancs ep. we did several shows around the city and had a great time doing so. i was so grateful for this experience, that i later decided that singing, writing and performing was something i did not want to live without. i’ve recently started recording my own project and hopefully, it will be well received. hopefully, it will do a better job at showing you my heart then i’ve so half assly done in this writing. that’s me in words. nothing glamorous. just a girl trying her hardest to start on her own path. wish me luck as i take my first steps…


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