meet slimkat

it is my pleasure to introduce you to a true genius. here, you’ll meet producer and instrumentalist zachariah mcgant. brother, as i affectionately call him, is a true mastermind. he employs the MPC 2000 sampler workstation as his main instrument. amazingly, live he masterfully conquers this machine. he has worked with a plethora of amazing artists over the years. some include bilal salaam, muhsinah safia, nicholas ryan gant, dreking, wayna, op swamp 81 and a long list of incredible talents near and far. he’s also a member of the 1978ers duo, accompanying long time friend and ingenious emcee, yU. zach has an incredible ear for music and one of the largest vinyl collections i think i’ve ever seen. no need in comparing zach to other producers you know, he shines through his adroitness and his appreciation for music and its roots. walking into his home is like walking into a fly ass museum. he’s a collector of music, film, literature and art. it’s been an honor working with him and a tremendous blessing having him as a friend, mentor and big brother. he encourages and inspires me to do my best. a true and dedicated musician, slimkat is most definitely one to follow 

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