review: way of a wayfarer

“way of a wayfarer. a journey with a lover. a lover thru his journey.”
this ep is pretty amazing. jesse boykins iii is not only great to look at, he’s also an inspiration. his voice is weary but hopeful, smooth and easy. so very good. its one that could sing anything and sound absolutely amazing. the ep, way of a wayfarer, is very different from his previous work, as his last projects were r&b inspired, this project is a bit trippy, very different, very creative and deliberate. he takes you through a few emotions, all good. the marvelously harmonized “zoner” was my favorite instantly. “i’m just a zoner, lost in myself…” there are remnants of shuggie otis, marvin gaye and a bit of d’angelo all mixed. a wonderful combination. the unblemished, thoughtfully written and beautifully sung lullaby is nothing short of perfection. this ep flows effortlessly and is over way too fast. i can’t wait to hear more…


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