reading list

people have asked, so i’ll share my must-read-if-you’re-black-or-brown reading list
message me for more.  this is just the beginning…

1.  assata by assata shakur
2.  black power: the politics of liberation by kwame ture and charles hamilton
3.  black bourgeosie by e franklin frazier
3.  soledad brother by george jackson
4.  racism and the class struggle by james and grace lee boggs
5.  revolution and evolution in the 20th century by james and grace lee boggs
6.  black skin, white masks by frantz fanon
7.  the wretched of the earth by frantz fanon
8.  the black woman edited by toni cade bambara
9.  faces at the bottom of the well by derrick bell
10.  black sexual politics: african americans, gender and the new racism by patricia hill collins
11.  women, race and class by angela davis
12.  pedagogy of the oppressed by paulo freire
13.  the color of wealth: the story behind the us racial wealth divide by meizhu lui, et al


1.  parable of the sower by octavia butler
2.  parable of the talents by octavia butler
3.  lilith’s brood (anthology) by octavia butler
4.  blood child by octavia butler
5.  anything else by octavia butler

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