troy davis set to die

the georgia board of parole and pardons has denied troy davis’ petition for clemency.  after several witnesses  recanted their previous testimony and former jurors testified yesterday before the board that they would not have convicted him in light of the new developments, the board is still willing to kill a man whose innocence has become increasingly clear.

so this is it…troy davis is set to die tomorrow at 7 pm by lethal injection.  unless the board reconsiders–it’s over.

my heart is really heavy right now.  not about troy specifically, but about this racist and corrupt criminal justice system that denies justice at every opportunity and disproportionately criminalizes people of color.  politics and fashion is meant to explore the beauty and pain i experience as a black woman.  but today, fashion seems silly and beauty seems non-existent.

for those people whose larger awareness of socio-political oppression was raised through the troy davis case, i challenge you to continue the momentum.  continue to fight…resist…organize…you are troy davis.


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