my blog’s dope: chanelfiles

meet chanel: 22 year-old dc student and san francisco bay-area native.  prepare yourself for impeccable, yet effortless style and accessories that will make you suffer cardiac arrest. chanelfiles is dope.
“i would say my personal style is most influenced by classic pieces with a mix of spunk and spontaneity. a better description would be that of a mix between jenna lyons x june ambrose…i’m their unbeknownst love child.”
“some of my favorite places to shop are j.crew, zara, and asos. j.crew provides the classic ease, zara gives the chic edge, and asos is always great for modern, yet vintage-styled pieces.”
 “one item in my wardrobe that I could not live without would probably be my david yurman bracelets (left). though they’re an accessory, they are such statement pieces that they make the most basic and “regular day” outfits look put together and polished.” 
“another creative interest is cooking. i’ve always loved to cook (and eat) and i can definitely say that being in the kitchen is probably my safe-haven…next to my closet.”
 “my dream job would be to kindly take over ms.grace coddington’s position as creative director at vogue magazine; it truly doesn’t get any better than vogue right..?”
thanks chanel for an excellent interview! 

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