what your ipad can’t do

while waiting for my dentist, i was reading a recently checked out book from my local library (love that place).  he walked in and remarked, “you gotta step into the 21st century and get a kindle or an ipad!  who reads books anymore?!?”  i quickly retorted–“i read books, i keep it real!” this started a ten minute back and forth with him taking a pretty strong position about the wonderful world of ipads.  my last and strongest argument was, “books are pretty.  you can’t put an ipad on a shelf.”  case closed.

this my dear is how you decorate with books:

i love how the books are the only color in the room

make a bedroom cozier by displaying your favorite books

console tables are a great place to store books, weaving them into the color scheme provided by eclectic artwork

don’t forget coffee table books–your guests will thank you

the next time a bourgeoisie ipad reader gives you a look of condescension, share this:

images via pinterest



  1. i love this. my dream is to someday have a library in my home and as many books as i have now, it is diffently a strong possible. however, i love the idea of the staircase and bookcase underneath it. Kudo’s to you for standing up to the real thing of books. It’s something about the smell of books, old and new and the feeling of flipping pages. I will never trade that fully to any e-reader.


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