“you look like grace jones”

i’ve been told that i resemble grace jones.  it first started when my childhood friend would tease me about my dark complexion, kinky hair, and towering height by calling me grace jones.  it was an insult that i denied like the black plague.  where i grew up,  you didn’t want to be dark skinned or have nappy hair or be nearly 6 feet tall at age 13.  well, i’d been given all three, and calling me grace jones just reminded me of how i’d been cursed.

i forgot all about these comparisons to grace jones until a much more mature and socially aware friend recently told me that i reminded her of the fashion icon.  instead of feeling ashamed, i felt empowered, fashion forward and unapologetically bold.  it’s the ultimate compliment.

so, yeah, i guess i do kinda look like grace jones.



  1. And once again, we have something in common. I used to feel the same way with the comparison. I was featured on curlynikki.com and my story was very similar. Grace is THE woman and you should feel empowered as you are absolutely gorgeous and unique and even I look at you and say, “Wow! I love her boldness and confidence…some of which I possessed.” [shine]


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