what the first lady is wearing

so here’s the thing.  michelle obama has impeccable style.  i’m hesitant to go there because  “first ladies” in western society are often reduced to their fashion sense and superficial philanthropic activities.  in fact, the term “first lady” alone reeks of classism and sexism.  why not call them what they are, second-in-command.

while i don’t identify with the obamas’ political line, i sympathize with michelle obama’s position as a mere appendage to her powerful husband.  as the “first lady” she is largely relegated to her husband’s shadow.

now that we got the feminist posturing out of the way…again, michelle obama has impeccable style.  society’s  marginalization of wives in the oval office will not jade my recognition of this very obvious fact.  the truth is, most of us are trapped between competing ironies and contradictions–sister michelle is trapped between politics and fashion.


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