a little link love

interior design

1. justina blakeney has one of my favorite design blogs and her home jungalow is a symbol of effortless and personal style. the above collage was quite inspiring.

2. the new issue of matchbook is giving me life! this digital magazine almost makes me take back everything i said about how much e-readers suck. almost.

3. pinterest is a great place for interior ideas. the picture below has me obsessing over minimalism and white walls. i used to think white walls and white shoes were from the pits of hell, but now i think only white shoes were created in the devil’s laboratory. i mean, it’s sooo many ways you can include color in a room without painting the walls.


1. chanel of chanelfiles killed this week with this all white androgynous ensemble.

2. 3.1 phillip lim’s spring 2012 ready to wear collection made me smile. the mint and sherbet color palate is winning.

3. folake of style pantry rocked these isabel marant sneakers that i must have. well, i’ll settle for a much cheaper, isabel-marant-inspired pair.


1. trayvon martin’s murder revealed several major companies’ ties to the conservative organization, american legislative exchange council (alec). alec led the campaign for getting florida’s stand your ground law, and similar legislation in different states, passed. coca-cola, pepsi, mcdonald’s, wendy’s and kraft all cut their support for the group, but their previous involvement makes me critical of the blurred lines between corporations, legislation, and true power in this country. thanks to the supreme court’s decision in citizen’s united v. federal elections commission this type of “political expression” by corporations is legal under the first amendment.

2. feminist fridays on people of color organize, your de-colonial-anti-patriarchal-news source, always drops knowledge. this friday’s post, the difference between huffing dog and flipping burgers, challenged my views on commercial sex work, including pornography, and revealed the common narrative’s tie to capitalist-patriarchal dogma. “the history of the spread of capitalism is inextricably bound up with the history of slavery, imperialism, and the general devaluation of the labor (and lives) of women and people of color for the sake of increased profit.” boom, roasted.

3. where’d your swank hardwood floors come from? according to mother jones, 88% of cedar and mahogany wood shipped from peru comes from illegal logging operations in the amazon forest. aside from the environmental devastation, such operations have been charged with sex abuse. one former logger tells the story of trekking miles into the rainforest under the assumption she was to work as a cook. upon arrival, she quickly learned the all-male crew intended to “use” her for different purposes, including sexual favors.

i could go on forever, but i’ll save some for next week!


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