beauty is NOT pain

6 inch heels are not cute.  in fact, anything over 3 inches usually gets a major side eye.  historically, women have been conditioned that “beauty is pain,” but these <— christian loubutin covered-platform heels are masochistic.  this trend is seriously akin to foot-binding.

when walking through the mall yesterday, i noticed loubutinesque heels were omnipresent.  not only was every women’s shoe store selling a different version of this shoe, but sistas were actually wearing them.   i’m not saying you have to wear hoodies and sneakers (like me) to the mall, but wearing 6-inch heels outside of your bedroom, job (if you’re a stripper), or the club (again, if you’re a stripper), is simply inappropriate.  those shoes hurt.

why do women torture ourselves?  men’s fashion serves a utilitarian purpose.  simple, comfortable, and functional: flat shoes and plenty of pockets. conversely, women are willing to jump on every painful fashion bandwagon there is.

what stands out is the fact that christian loubutin doesn’t wear his iconic shoe.  if you haven’t had an ah-hah moment yet, let me hip you: men are dictating women’s style.  either as designers or as mere spectators, we allow our perception of what men like to dictate the ways in which we adorn ourselves.

i feel as if we’ve entered into an abusive relationship with women’s style.  if your best-friend’s partner fractured her feet, ripped off her eyebrows, plucked out her eyelashes, and gave her chemical burns, then you’d tell her to leave him. you’d be researching domestic violence shelters right now.  instead, just like battered women, we submit ourselves to pain in order to feel beautiful, loved, and appreciated.

our self-esteem shouldn’t rest in the soles of 6-inch heels.  if feeling beautiful hurts, then it’s time we change our wardrobes.



  1. I completely concur and even though I know women who find these styles comfortable, they’re still doing their skeletons, musculature and perhaps fertility a lot of damage. They’re also helping to perpetuate mass consciousness for and against various heights. The average height female is considered short and that is not a good thing for he psyche, and being short or tall aren’t good or bad things either. We’ve got enough problems, we don’t need extra bias and prejudice.


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