a little link love

hey lovelies!  i’ve been busy this week working on my very first appeal (instagram photos to follow) and have horribly neglected politics and fashion.  however, forever the consumer of intellectual and visual stimulation, i’ve curated some of my favorite links from the week.  enjoy!


big k.r.i.t.’s newest album, live from the underground, drops june 5th.  check out npr for a free listen to the entire album.  i’m a sucker for a man with a southern drawl, especially when it’s wrapped in conscious lyrics over melodic beats (think outkast, 8 ball & mjg, ugk).


1.  yes to the white tee! who knew white tees weren’t just for d-boys? head over to song of style for more pictures of the white t-shirt reinvented.

2.  man repeller far from repels.  her denim vest worn 3 ways inspired me to plan a major excursion to the thrift store.

3.  solange knowles wore a m-fing skort.  proof that this woman could make a garbage bag look dope.


1.  ever heard of the working families party?  this political party is using grassroots organizing to get progressive candidates elected around the country.  time to break up this 2 party oligarchy.

2.  what are you wearing on the plane?  if it’s a pro-choice shirt, then you might get kicked off american airlines.

3.  it was a tale of two carloses.  two texas men named carlos who resembled one another, one put to death for a murder the other committed.  remind me again why the death penalty is “fair”?  i’m listening…



  1. Big Krit fo’ sho’! I just read the NPR article and listened to the whole album a few days ago-“I look good, I look good, from my head to my toes, you already know..”
    1. LOVE white tees!! 2. I just discovered MR a few months ago and dig her style! 3. Solange-Prints 4 Life! 4. People Unite! Politics: They will always be there so let’s keep fighting!


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