plus size is the right size

here’s the thing: i’ve always been skinny.  well, there was the summer of 1992 when i gained 15 pounds, but otherwise, i’ve been pretty thin my entire life.  however, in the black community, being a size 4 isn’t something to write home about, as having a shapely backside (a.k.a. “fat ass”) will bring you many rewards.  Such benefits include endless cat calls, starring roles in rap videos, and bagging professional athletes.    however, when one is sick of being objectified by her male counterparts, one must ask how being shapely is seen in larger society.  here lies the irony, the curves that black folks treasure are deemed unattractive by western society.  what we call thick, they call fat; however, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.  the bloggers gabifresh and girl with curves prove that point to the highest degree. obviously, plus size is the right size.



  1. i’ve always been a small girl but in my mid-30s i started to spread. i’m sure my being half Puerto Rican had something to do with that too. it has taken some getting used to the extra junk in my trunk but i’ve learned to embrace it. so long as you are healthy – exercise and diet – then it’s all good. these ladies are gorgeous. curvy and their confidence is super sexy. soon we will all love each other as we are and love ourselves even more.


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