what 2012 looked like

thank you to everyone who has visited politics and fashion in 2012.  it’s still shocking that people find my ideas interesting and insightful.  i started politics and fashion to give my internal banter an internet presence–i was tired of talking to myself.  i’m so blessed and can’t think of one problem that doesn’t pale in comparison to the struggles endured by millions of people living in abject poverty, material oppression, and direct conflict.  i’m thankful, and here’s what my 2012 looked like:

i got my model on.

updated pic20120521-104437.jpgIMG_0852 DSCN0729 yoga

i worked at improving my photography skills.

IMG_0730 IMG_0665IMG_1265 DSCN0787 IMG_0304 IMG_3212

i shared my thoughts on the world.

for black women hair is political

“as women struggling to fit within unattainable physical norms (blue eyes, straight hair, white skin), we have fallen victim to the so-called liquid crack of chemical relaxers and omnipresent tracks of weave glued or stitched to our scalps.  just to be clear, i’m not passing judgment on women who chose to forego natural hair–i’m not a natural hair nazi–however, i recognize the racial and gender oppression that has created the psychosis that tells black women they are not naturally beautiful.”

what $600 sneakers look like

“i’ve developed a short questionnaire for those who are debating whether or not to purchase a pair of expensive shoes:

1.  is your name harriet tubman?

2.  is part of your daily job to traverse the underground railroad?

3.  have you ever freed a slave?

if your answer is no to one or more of these questions, then i posit you do not deserve to own a pair of $600 sneakers.  your feet aren’t that special.”

“the blogosphere is full of pretentious posturing that makes people feel inadequate.  fashion, interior style, and lifestyle blogs create an insatiable urge for things we need, want, or will soon be tricked into believing we can’t live without.  bloggers play the role of cultivating markets for both goods and paradigms by posting “it” items or providing influential social commentary; however, in the mist of such influence, we’re fallible humans whose diaries just happen to have received audiences.  as such, much of what you read on politics and fashion is simply a creative expression–don’t assume the bright colors and images coincide with a life free from pain and fear.  i’m just like you, and here are 5 things i was afraid to tell you…”
i fell in love with pretty things.
mix and match collage mellow yellow pink and red collage
people asked me to do really cool things.
neon vlittle black dress shoot for neon v magazine*
“My definition of a feminist is one who eschews gender roles, believes in female empowerment and works to create an identity absent male approval and oversight.  In my opinion, not only is it possible for fashion/beauty to be feminist but it is necessary. It’s important that women create culturally competent standards of beauty that are unapologetically female-centered.”
feminist fashion bloggers for the femisphere
me and neety
this picture of danedra and i was featured on huffington post women’s “best weekend ever.”

interview about heal our hood and food deserts in washington,dc on soulful green living

i hope you create a 2013 that’s full of love, happiness, and peace!
*photographer clarice desgraves of fresh imagery photography


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