the weekend via instagram

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raise your hand if you need another long weekend….*raises hand*

saturday, i took a trip to woodberry kitchen, named one of the 100 best restaurants in 2012 by the washingtonian.  the all-organic restaurant raises it’s own farm animals and uses only local produce in its dishes.  their brunch menu includes google-worthy ingredients like chicory, trencher, quark, and young chard.  my taste buds are pretty adventurous, so the more obscure the ingredient, the better!

here’s the rundown: the shrimp and grits had me licking my plate, the strawberries and cream dessert tastes like heaven, and the homemade toasted oat ice cream made me want to fly to florida and slap my mama.  nothing should be that good.

btw, i hadn’t realized how quirky my outfit was until i received a large amount of compliments and looks of confusion (some simultaneous).  i’m giving up self-doubt for lent, so i guess it was my subconscious middle-finger to insecurity.

shirt, pants, socks, and shoes, gap | belt,  j. crew.


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