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Women think they need so much just to stay in trend and feel like they have enough.  I learned that you really don’t need that much at all.  Especially since fashion is an art form, I treat it as such.  It’s not about abundance and mindless buying.

i stumbled upon the tiny closet a few months ago and fell in love with this sister’s sophisticated and funky style.  while others would find these adjectives paradoxical, the blog’s creator has a wardrobe that effortlessly combines trendy, classic, boyish, and sexy pieces.  i was very excited when she accepted my interview request, and her answers were more insightful than i could have imagined.  three words: style, beauty, and brains.

I’m sure this is nearly impossible, but can you describe your style in one word?
I would have to say… simple!
What are your three favorite pieces in your closet and why?
Everything in my closet is my favorite.  That’s why it’s Tiny 🙂  I refuse to wear anything I don’t adore sooooo my most “special” piece is my wedding dress and my most “worn” item is my t-shirt collection I designed.  I wear those things everyday! 
blog142standingleaningWhat’s the story behind your blog?  How has it evolved?
The Tiny Closet was formed out of boredom and as a tool to find a way to deal with not having a lot of money anymore.  I wasn’t working and therefore, my normal activities had come to a screeching hault and I just stayed at home all day.  I had gotten laid off from a well paying job and I’d grown VERY used to shopping all the time.  I bought clothes I would wear only once and then throw out, I just loved fashion and style and wanted it all in a very indulgent, abundant, non-creative way.  Being without a job and having time to think, I realized I needed to have more quality in my life. For example, to get a job I actually loved!  To have a life that meant something to me and no one else – and also, since I had such a strong passion for style and clothing, I wanted to wear clothes I loved and only loved.  So, with those resolutions, started purging everything in my life that didn’t make sense.  Including my closet.  And it became very Tiny!! LOL!  And since that depressed me at first, thinking I seemingly had “nothing to wear”, I decided to get very creative with it since I wouldn’t be shopping for something new everyday and I recorded my endeavors with this blog.  Tada 🙂
This answer is incredibly long but I really did want to take the time to explain because The Tiny Closet has become a lifestyle for me now.  Women think they need so much just to stay in trend and feel like they have enough and I learned that you really don’t need that much at all.  Especially since fashion is an art form, I treat it as such.  It’s not about abundance and mindless buying.  So even though I am not in the same boat I was, I still don’t shop a lot and I make the best of what I have over and over again in new ways.

How would you describe your fashion collection and its inspiration?
I’m inspired by simplicity and minimalism.  Celine, James Perse, The Row and Eileen Fisher are completely and 100% my style cues and my closet is built around that.  My flashier one of a kind pieces that I usually show for show sake are all vintage and thrift.  So my collection is one part modern minimalism and one part quirky thrifted vintage.
Is blogging your full-time job?  If not, what is your career?
No, I don’t do it full-time.  I actually work for my husband.  He owns Media Design Elements and specializes in photography and video for companies and brands.  He got his start taking head shots of models and actors.
Who are your style crushes?
Halle Berry, Ashley Olsen and Karla Deras.  I follow them hard, they are all incredibly inspiring.
Who are your favorite designers?
Celine, Alexander Wang, Blumarine, The Row, Michael Kors… and probably others that I forget 🙂

bass shoesbetty boop

Spring is almost here!  What tips would you give to women searching for transitional pieces?
Everything is a transitional piece!!  I mean just look at and you will see how everyone is interpreting the transitional weather be it tights, cords, dresses, scarves, boots.  EVERYTHING is transitional and it’s so fun to play!
Has your hair always been natural?  What’s your regimen? Many sisters are obsessed with finding the right product; do you have products that work
well with your hair type?
I have been natural for about 4 years.  My regimen is conditioning it in a wash and go style everyday and that’s it.  I think it’s good to try to find the products that work best for your hair texture but there’s nothing to be obsessed about because after all, it’s only science so there’s going to be a lot of products and oils and recipes that will work perfectly fine.  I think people become product junkies when they first go natural.  They become addicted to trying everything lol!  I use Redken Soft Hair products, Dove Nutritive Therapy and Kenra styling products for special nights out.  They work very well so I don’t go further than that.

karla earrings 2

Where are your from?  How has your background shaped your identity and style of dress?
I grew up in a wealthy little city in Washington (Bellevue).  I was surrounded by Asians and white people and knew one other black person, pretty much my whole life up until 20.  There was an extreme lack of diversity and I left as soon as I was financially able haha!  I moved to Boston, then New York and then back to Washington (Seattle) and my identity formed through that experience through me and my observations.  Fashion wise, Bellevue is conservative and, for the most part, people there conform to the micro trends and don’t deviate from that.  It’s the suburbs ya know?  It was fine but not my speed at all and definitely didn’t shape my style of dress.  I came out of the womb wanting to be comfortable with an adoration for heels.  That has never changed.  My background stopped influencing me years and years ago!  Growing up as the only black/Cuban/Puerto Rican/Spanish/French girl, I made my own rules and found my own style.  I couldn’t look to anyone else so I taught myself.

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