a little link love

just a few links from around the web that made me angry, giggle and feel inspired:

o-GOLD-GRILL-5701. i have to admit that miley cyrus’ new look is giving me life. although it’s rihannaesque, she’s owning a fierce ass haircut and impeccable styling. however, her blatant appropriation of black culture is so reminiscent of vanilla ice’s minstrelsy of the early 1990s until i’m shocked, appalled and confused. no one told her that this was in poor taste and at least a lil racist? the newest iteration of privileged-white-american-cultural imperialism first came to my attention when the root reported on miley cyrus’ article for rock city where she stated, “i want something that sounds urban. i just want something that feels black.” not surprising, as the former disney star’s new pastimes seem to include twerking and sporting a gold grill in her recent video. dondai did the intellectual equivalent of reading miley and all appropriators of black and brown culture over at jezebel: it matters who is doing the appropriating. if a dominant culture fancies some random element (a mode of dress, a manner of speaking, a style of music) of my culture interesting or exotic, but otherwise disdains my being and seeks to marginalize me, it is surely an insult.

2. an ohio school attempted to ban afro puffs and braids because african-american hairstyles are the reason for failing schools, low literacy rates and subpar teachers. i totally made the reason up to sound just as ridiculous as the rule. thankfully, the school quickly retracted it once the media caught wind, claiming the rule was only meant for boys so they could appear “well-groomed.” wait. so boys with braids are poorly groomed? now we shift from racism to ridiculous gender norms. i’m done.

3. paula. deen. i’m not surprised that an old woman from the south espouses racist ideology. not that racism has gone anywhere, but paula was raised during a time period when overt racial biases and hatred were a normal experience. for her, using the word “nigger” and planning a “plantation” themed party seemed relatively benign — that is until the food network cancelled her show. i almost feel sorry for her, then i think about slavery and return to my senses.

4. vintage virgin is a style blog i found while showing my bff just how many people own the omnipresent asymmetrical zara skirt. while my google search was motivated by pure hate, i was pleasantly surprised by the sister’s style and eye for edge.

team spirit

5. if you’re in dc, i hope you’re hip to brightest young things. if not, you’re welcome. this website posts the best events around town from food to music and museums. i make sure to check the site before every weekend.

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  1. Love your blog…I always come in late but I laughed while reading it this morning…. Such great talent and writing abilities you have… #TALENTEDSMARTWITTYFUNNYSTYLISHMYNIECE


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