interiors i love 8/5/13

for new followers who thought my love for bright colors and mixing patterns was limited to clothing — you were dead wrong.  here’s my three rules for interior decor: 1.) mix things you like (the more random the better) 2.) plants and fresh flowers give a room life 3.) pink goes with everything.  if you hate pink and plants tend to die in your presence, no worries.  stick to rule number one and i guarantee that your space will instantly become more intimate!

i cringe when people ask me where i purchase things for my apartment (and where i shop for clothes) because it’s not about the store, but about the intention.  whether shopping at target or crate and barrel, the best pieces in your collection will be those curated over time and that speak to you as an individual.  allow your home to become one of your greatest works of art.

love6love5love1love2p.s. my new place is getting RIDICULOUS.  i’m proud of my design skills *brushes shoulders off and pops collar*  sneak peek coming soon…

*all images via pinterest



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