crips 4 christ: black folx can’t take a joke

issa rae is one of my favorite actresses.  she’s smart and absolutely hilarious — if you haven’t seen the misadventures of an awkward black girl then i suggest you go to youtube and get your life.  evolving into a media mogul, issa recently ventured into the world of satirical christian hip hop.  now i always chuckled at the idea of christian rap music, i mean it’s something about spitting 16 bars about christ that just doesn’t get at the essence of hip hop.  issa takes this idea a bit farther by creating a HA-larious song thanking jay dot cee (read jesus christ) for her exploits as a gangster.

some black folx have been up in arms about issa’s song and video, calling it disrespectful (see the comments under the video).  okay, maybe if you’re a die-hard christian, then i can see how the concept may make you uncomfortable; however, my bigger issue is that black people just don’t seem to understand satire.   if we can laugh at tyler perry’s meet the browns, a blatant play upon negative stereotypes, then we can certainly find the humor in the paradoxical idea of issa rae as a christ-loving-crip-walking rapper who throws up the cross as her gang sign.  i can’t be the only black person who goes to church once a month that finds this funny…


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