i am anacostia

anacostia is a washington, dc community that is home to such local landmarks as the big chair and frederick douglass house.  it’s also one of the poorest parts of the city with the highest unemployment rates and lowest performing schools.  john johnson,  a local actor, poet, playwright and director takes up the issue of gentrification in anacostia in his play i am anacostia.  in the play, he provides the space to have an open dialogue about the changing dynamics of communities east of the river.


here are some of john’s thoughts on the play:

what inspired the play?

the folks in the community i have conversation with everyday in southeast, dc.

how would you describe the play’s tone and perspective?
if you ride the red and green line trains in dc after a few stops past gallery place you will get a city the is clearly still culturally divided. this play explores the differences with humor and honesty.
who are some of the actors?

tamika “love” jones and dev duff who are wonderful singers. the artist formally known as princess of controversy, melisa princess best, and many more gifted folk.

what are you looking for people to take away?
i want people to have a good time — a good time talking about our tough issues in a creative place called a theatre. i am looking forward to the conversations we will have after the show; they are usually very colorful and thought provoking.

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