life according to instagram 10.3.13

4 5 6 73

2 i’ve been busy scoring a floor-length-vintage skirt from earl’s closet, wearing said vintage skirt to goodwill of greater washington dc’s annual fundraiser “the art of fashion,” meeting one of my favorite bloggers, alison of wardrobe oxygen, literally laughing in the streets,  boarding tiny planes for quick trips out of town, spending time with my big sis kdj and oh yeah, straightening my hair.

it’s been 10 years since i straightened my hair.  needless to say, natural hair has been a fundamental part of my identity; however, i’ve grown to realize that it does not define me.   also, as an ode to kanye west, i must admit that my straight hair has “added to humanity,” and by killing the ENTIRE game this week, i’ve shown that “i know how to do perfect.”

*flips bangs*

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One comment

  1. Love the pictures and your smile is radiant! You look so happy and it shows in all that you do… So glad to have you as a niece and little sister. Now about the straight hair…love it love it love it….


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