nerd life

intelligencei really love public radio.  ashamedly, i mostly listen for soundbites to regurgitate during intellectual discussions.  like a kid playing double-dutch, i can’t wait to jump in to show off my newest piece of knowledge.  collecting random tidbits about a wide array of subjects such as sports (the eagles beat the rams, 38 to 24 on sunday), foreign policy (al nustra is being called the most successful rebel group in syria) or animal behavior (dolphins are actually not as smart as you think) became my charge in life once i turned 30. with my quest for knowledge in mind, here are a few of the public radio programs that enhance my nerd life:

tell me more

i cried during the last episode of tell me more.  michel martin, the show’s host, is the black nerd girl’s journalistic hero and should be praised for bringing diverse voices to a commonly white, privileged space. no worries, the old shows are archived.

fresh air

fresh air has replaced tell me more as my favorite show on npr. i can’t think of a radio program that offers a stronger pulse on mainstream america.

microphone check

did you know npr has a hip hop show? yea, i squealed too when i found out. the latest episode features a group that had a major influence on my life: outkast.

on being

i wonder if krista tippett, on being’s host, will adopt me.  if not, i’ll settle for replaying my favorite episodes of her show about spirituality, mindfulness and emotional well-being non stop.

democracy now

amy goodman is the trillest of them all. democracy now is a daily news outlet, completely independent, that gives hard-hitting news from a progressive lens. tune in every morning at 8 am to get your entire life.

what are some of your favorites?


One comment

  1. I share your favs, plus; on our local station where Democracy Now plays, 94.1 KPFA, there are two shows I adore – The Herbal Highway and The Visionary Activist Show.
    On NPR I always make time for Alt Latino.


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