5 reasons why #blackoutday won

alphablack folks took to the internet yesterday to remind ourselves and the world just what beauty looks like.  from different hues, genders, sexual orientations and physical abilities, our melanin shut social media down. here are five reasons why unapologetically black spaces like #blackoutday are important:

1.) white supremacy makes people of color question the value of his or her existence. #blackoutday was a celebration of our blackness despite the dominant group’s attempts to suppress our worth.

2.) social media gives marginalized people the power to widen narrow standards of beauty by visually challenging racism and colorism.  in just a few hours, #blackoutday was trending on twitter, causing mainstream media outlets to cover the movement.

3.) visibility can eradicate stereotypes and negative images. black fathers, college graduates, wedding ceremonies and more were on display during #blackoutday despite the media’s constant attempts to deny the complexity of black lives.

4.) #blackoutday created room to celebrate not just those challenged by racism, but also its intersections such as sexism, heterosexism, abilism and colorism.

5.) with yet another unarmed black teen murdered by police this week, it was powerful to tell the world that despite systemic oppression…still we rise.

pics via shanellbklyn, chenoamerie and thesimpleclassic via tumblr

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