how i’m livin: bedroom edition


bad news: moving sucks.  good news: reimagining interior decor to suit your new digs wins. with that said, the only bright lining in our move to a new place this winter has been decorating a huge new bedroom.


yup, you guessed it.  that’s an old screen door that i repurposed into a jewelry and shoe stand.  i spotted it at simon vintage, my favorite vintage furniture store in town, and immediately thought about using it for storage.

DSC_0616 1DSC_0619 1

the navajo rug is the find of the century! i picked it up at dc big flea, and the seller claims it dates back to the early 1900s.  it’s handwoven and almost blemish free — i’m in love.


screen door, simon vintage | dresser, miss pixie’s | rug, flower field antiques at dc big flea



  1. I need to advocate for the cute little fur baby. Is it a girl or boy? I am going to go with a boy? He looks like he’s over the move. Your space looks super cute!


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