demand justice for natasha mckenna

natasha mckennaon april 28, 2014, natasha mckenna was tasered to death by police in fairfax, virginia.  killed while her hands were cuffed and feet shackled, she was found with black eyes, covered in bruises and a finger amputated. her murder is nothing short of torture.

while sandra bland’s death has risen to national attention, fewer people have heard of natasha mckenna and fewer still know about the abuse black women also suffer at the hands of police. part of natasha’s relative anonymity is due to the fairfax police department’s refusal to release video footage of her death. it’s time we know the truth.

demand justice for natasha mckenna by starting or joining actions in your city that raise awareness about her death. also, tweet @fairfaxpolice with hashtag #sayhername to demand the videotape is released.


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