explore the black diaspora through #strollingseries

i’ve never felt more american or isolated than while watching strolling series. created by cecile emeke, the short films explore the black diaspora through complex topics such as feminism, afro-futurism, capitalism, music and immigration. what’s most interesting is uncovering the ways race and nationality are shaped by physical location.

while we have a long way to go in america by way of representation and inclusion, strolling series reminded me that black-american art influences the international black experience. there’s privilege in living at what some might consider the epicenter of black life.

one thing’s for sure — black womanhood is lit no matter the location, and these young sisters’ analysis is so sharp until i beamed with pride.



  1. In deep gratitude for ALL the jewels you share, but this woman’s work is by far the one that has echoed in my heart and belly. U.S. culture-U.S. brand of capitalism keeps people of color so ignorant of one another, especially any realities outside the U.S. The one language tradition for such a monstrously large culture as ours is a downright SHAME.


    1. Thanks for being such a strong supporter Rebeca. I only speak English and know very little about how Blackness is experienced outside the U.S. Not only were the videos enlightening, but I felt really embarrassed. Here I am a grown ass woman with a passport and the internet and I can’t tell you one thing about people of African descent living in Europe. I got work to do.


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