crush of the week: kia dyson

praise God for photographer and artist kia dyson.

with an impeccable personal style, kia’s been given the seeming mandate to make melanin come alive.  her instagram, blog and photography portfolio will make you believe in black beauty.



test shots by rog & bee walker

remember when solange knowles’s wedding pictures broke the internet? well, those epic images were credited to new york-based photographer rog walker.  he and his wife bee ( bottom left) captured some of new york’s most creative beings in their “test shot” series.


check out rog’s visual biography on

photo credit: rog walker

instagram tips from song of style

i’m addicted to instagram. it’s my favorite form of social media and an artistic platform that i literally can’t get enough of. aimee from song of style has done the instagram addicts of the world a huge favor by creating a video full of great tips for posting pics.  watch and learn from this blogger extraordinaire:

happenings via instagram

lately i’ve been busy adding things i’m grateful for to my thankfulness jar, loving on my new cat queen maalika, taking bathroom selfies to show off my purple marc jacobs lipgloss, adding marion barry to my collage wall and losing my LIFE at the J. COLE concert.

p.s. j. cole and i had several moments while he was performing.  clearly, our love is real.

goodbye 2013

2013 was amazing. cliche, i know, but i can’t think of a time in my life when i’ve been happier.  between a new job, living in a great city, an amazing family and friends and falling in (and out) of love, i’ve grown more during the past 12 months than the past few years combined.  thank you to my readers, especially those who have followed since 2011 — your support keeps me motivated to share my random thoughts on life. here’s a review of 2013 captured by politics and fashion:

1. thanks to michael idiokitas for his bomb photography skills and asking me to pose for his forthcoming streetstyle book.


what’s for dinner?

a photo series by photographer nakeya b explores the obsession and consumption of “good hair” within the black community. by having the models literally eat hair, she equates our obsession to hair texture to food, something key to human survival.  i love the message, models and visuals.