goodbye 2013

2013 was amazing. cliche, i know, but i can’t think of a time in my life when i’ve been happier.  between a new job, living in a great city, an amazing family and friends and falling in (and out) of love, i’ve grown more during the past 12 months than the past few years combined.  thank you to my readers, especially those who have followed since 2011 — your support keeps me motivated to share my random thoughts on life. here’s a review of 2013 captured by politics and fashion:

1. thanks to michael idiokitas for his bomb photography skills and asking me to pose for his forthcoming streetstyle book.



muxes: the third gender

muxes are gender-bending, male-bodied and seen as blessings by the indigenous communities around the mexican town of juachitan.  they adorn themselves with traditional women’s clothing (huipiles and enaguas) and instead of facing contempt and discrimination, muxes’ families believe they’re good luck.   while photographing this third gender, a juachitan local told photographer nicola okin frioli that “everybody should accept them for who they are…in every place they are.”

all images via nicola okin frioli