weekend music: kelis, jerk ribs

most folks don’t know that songstress kelis graduated from le cordon bleu and is a beast in the kitchen.  in fact, the singer/songwriter/chef has a new show on the cooking channel called “saucy and sweet.” it’s no surprise that the artists’ new album is entitled food with tracks named after her favorite dishes. here’s “jerk ribs” (which sound delicious right about now).

have a good weekend loves!


a little link love 2.20.14

1. i’m flabergasted that a florida jury allowed yet another man to murder a black teenager without a murder conviction.  i’m sickened by the constant reminder that the lives of black children are less important than those of their white counterparts.  watch as jessica williams of the daily show does a tongue and cheek run-down of white america’s omnipresent “fear goggles” that can make “four black teenagers taking a calculus test look like a scene from the wire.”

2.  yayadon’t you just love yaya alafia (nee dacosta)? i remember her season of america’s next top model and the way she schooled tyra banks on the origins of kente cloth.  the ivy league grad  is now an actress, wife and mother who was recently interviewed by michel martin on npr’s tell me more.  listen to her thoughts on her role in lee daniels’ the butler, colorism and why she calls herself an african in america.

3. have you heard the teaser to beyonce’s drunk in love remix featuring kanye?!?! it made me jump up and run around my apartment full speed — the only appropriate response when one of your favorite songs from beyonce’s new album gets better.

4.  it’s not every day that you hear an artist reference brandy, bun b, bounce music and kirk franklin as their inspirations.  in a recent interview with npr’s new r&b and hip hop show, microphone check, i fell in love with solange all over again as she rattled off a list of 90’s hip hop and r&b that only a person raised in the south can appreciate.


feminist elitism vs beyonceism

beyoncepeople have been claiming beyonce as a feminist icon for some time, pointing to songs like “single ladies” and “girls run the world” as proof.  i’ve been much more skeptical, hesitant to impute my own sensibilities on celebrities and their ideology. in fact, in an interview for british vogue about the topic, beyonce stated “that word [feminist] can be very extreme…” and reminded the interviewer that she’s “happily married.” possibly proving that she, like many,erroneously sees the “f” word as being anti-male.

but then beyonce dropped her self-titled secret album, and the game changed forever.


crush of the week: kelela

k4 k2 k5

in my most humble opinion, kelela is one of the breakout stars on solange’s st. heron compilation album.  the la-based singer/songwriter/producer laces her sultry voice over r&b infused electronic beats AND is absolutely stunning.  in an interview with pitchfork, the daughter of ethiopian immigrants stated “i’ve always wanted to interrupt the space—more than sounding like anything, my commitment has just been to fuck it up.”