crush of the week

crush of the week: akhira ismail

akhirafashion designer and interior decor maven, akhira ismail’s aesthetic is exuberant. her brooklyn studio apartment is a magical space to say the least. check her website for an awesome portfolio!




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crush of the week: serena williams


the physical embodiment of black girl magic, serena williams continues to walk in greatness. currently holding four tennis titles, she’s preparing for the u.s. open where if  she wins she’ll be the first player to earn a grand slam since the 1980s. swag on ’em serena.Serena-Williams-New-York-Magazine-August-2015-Cover-Photoshoot01-800x480 389449-serena-williams-splitserena-williams-new-york-magazine4_0*all pics from new york  magazine.

crush of the week: danielle from love 416

dani1we love dani because her blog, personal style and eye for interior decor are fresh. not fresh like fly (although she most certainly is), but fresh like walking through a farmer’s market with a breeze on your back. she’s simply lovely.


check out her blog and youtube channel for delicious inspiration.

crush of the week: justina blakeney


justina blakeney is a bohemian, pattern-loving interior designer and blogger who stole our hearts.  she’s sweet as pie, always taking the time to interact with her fans, and has an eye for making seemingly mundane antiques come alive. for those of us craving a bit more than her blog can offer, she just released her first book, the new bohemians: cool and collected homes.  it recently hit the new york times bestseller list — i can’t wait to get my hands on a copy!justinasjungalow justina-unit World-Market-58


crush of the week: yoliswa mqoco

slay isn’t the right word. murder? annihilate? assassinate? whatever verb you choose, know that yoliswa mqoco does it, and she does it well.  born in pretoria, south africa, this aspiring fashion journalist’s instagram account is the most delicious thing you’ve ever seen. art, style, makeup, you’ll get your life and feel more creative by osmosis. Yoliswa2 Yoliswa3 Yoliswa4 Yoliswa1Yoliswa6

all pics via instagram

crush of the week: folake kuye huntoon of style pantry

style pantry, a style and lifestyle blog by folake kuye huntoon, is an end of the rainbow treasure that’s one of the inspirations behind politics & fashion (and simultaneously my love for chambray shirts). while folake’s style is fantastic, her journey as a blogger, business woman and mother is inspirational!