things i’ve never done before


when was the last time you did something for the first time?  think about it.  i saw an image on facebook that asked this question and was stumped.  i couldn’t remember trying something new–at least nothing that i planned to experience.  sure, i might grab a new box of cereal at the grocery store or take a new route home, but engaging in the mundane rarely stimulates personal growth.  i took the image as a challenge to shed some insecurities and step outside my comfort zone.

so, i ‘ve spoken a lot about wanting to be a dancer.  specifically, in my things i’m afraid to tell you post, i disclosed my chronic inability to do most dance moves beyond a simple two-step, and in black ballerinas, i shared my childhood dreams of taking dance classes.  well, at 30, i’ve decided to put this dream into motion and take a series of intro to ballet classes.  i plan to chronicle my experiences with weekly blog posts and short videos that give you a glimpse into my journey to learn something new, featuring borderline humiliation, physical pain, and lots of fun.

join me why don’t you? let’s make march the month that we do things we’ve never done before.  start a new hobby, join the choir at church, volunteer with a new organization, visit new restaurants, approach the guy or girl you’ve been digging for awhile, etc.  i’d love to spotlight your journey on politics and fashion. send me pics via email (, twitter (@politicsandfshn), facebook (politics and fashion), or instagram (t_olugbala).  use the hashtag #forthefirsttime to stay connected.

can i tell you how my friends had to talk me out of purchasing a tutu for my first ballet class? i’m obviously way too excited!