Jesse Boykins III

test shots by rog & bee walker

remember when solange knowles’s wedding pictures broke the internet? well, those epic images were credited to new york-based photographer rog walker.  he and his wife bee ( bottom left) captured some of new york’s most creative beings in their “test shot” series.


check out rog’s visual biography on

photo credit: rog walker

weekend music: the internet “dontcha”

the link in my last post was corrupt, but no worries, check out afrocentryzm here.  in the meantime, fall in love with the internet (aka syd tha kyd and matt martians) members of tyler the creator and frank ocean’s ofwgkta clique.  the internet’s sophomore album is due out september 24th and has collaborations with mac miller, yuna and jessie boykins iii.  i hope you’re doing a better job containing your excitement than me.

have a good weekend lovelies!