kanye west

why i stan for amber rose

Amber Rose VMAsi stan for amber rose. while she’s witty, genuine and has an epic personal style, watching her feminism evolve is what has me doing a perpetual praise dance.

we all know double standards exist, but for women like amber, they’re a way of life. just take a peek into her mentions and the sexist vitriol will leave you reeling. hoe, slut and gold digger are the mildest insults she’s called daily by complete strangers. why? because the way patriarchy is setup, women aren’t allowed to embrace their sexy, have fun with their friends, post twerk videos and be wives and mothers worthy of respect.


weekend music: cyhi the prynce, basquiat

produced by kanye west, cyhi the prynce’s new mixtape is sick. full of socio-politically conscious lyrics with just the right amount of trap references, it’s a must listen.

“g.o.o.d. music, we here to push the culture
we don’t do it for exposure
never confuse a painting with a poster
i can’t believe you would disrespect basquiat”


a little link love 2.20.14

1. i’m flabergasted that a florida jury allowed yet another man to murder a black teenager without a murder conviction.  i’m sickened by the constant reminder that the lives of black children are less important than those of their white counterparts.  watch as jessica williams of the daily show does a tongue and cheek run-down of white america’s omnipresent “fear goggles” that can make “four black teenagers taking a calculus test look like a scene from the wire.”

2.  yayadon’t you just love yaya alafia (nee dacosta)? i remember her season of america’s next top model and the way she schooled tyra banks on the origins of kente cloth.  the ivy league grad  is now an actress, wife and mother who was recently interviewed by michel martin on npr’s tell me more.  listen to her thoughts on her role in lee daniels’ the butler, colorism and why she calls herself an african in america.

3. have you heard the teaser to beyonce’s drunk in love remix featuring kanye?!?! it made me jump up and run around my apartment full speed — the only appropriate response when one of your favorite songs from beyonce’s new album gets better.

4.  it’s not every day that you hear an artist reference brandy, bun b, bounce music and kirk franklin as their inspirations.  in a recent interview with npr’s new r&b and hip hop show, microphone check, i fell in love with solange all over again as she rattled off a list of 90’s hip hop and r&b that only a person raised in the south can appreciate.


life according to instagram 10.3.13

4 5 6 73

2 i’ve been busy scoring a floor-length-vintage skirt from earl’s closet, wearing said vintage skirt to goodwill of greater washington dc’s annual fundraiser “the art of fashion,” meeting one of my favorite bloggers, alison of wardrobe oxygen, literally laughing in the streets,  boarding tiny planes for quick trips out of town, spending time with my big sis kdj and oh yeah, straightening my hair.

it’s been 10 years since i straightened my hair.  needless to say, natural hair has been a fundamental part of my identity; however, i’ve grown to realize that it does not define me.   also, as an ode to kanye west, i must admit that my straight hair has “added to humanity,” and by killing the ENTIRE game this week, i’ve shown that “i know how to do perfect.”

*flips bangs*

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ten things i learned from kanye west

kanyea few months ago, i told a group of friends that i refused to listen to any more of  kanye west’s music.  after his album graduation, things just got weird. his mainstream success seemed to have bred a pretty rank materialism, and i couldn’t relate anymore.  in light of all the media hoopla as of late — a baby named north who is part kardashian, constant fights with paparazzi and a new album titled yeezus (rhymes with jesus) — i thought i was safe to give a side eye whenever someone mentioned his name.  imagine my surprise when i watched kanye’s full BBC interview and began to actually relate.

after experiencing laughter, anger, empathy and confusion, i’m pretty clear that kanye is an artistic genius who will tantrum his way into recognition. while i still find some of his struggles unrelatable (he complained about fendi not accepting his designs, including the “omnipresent” leather jogging pant), i also bang really hard with his socio-political analysis regarding race and class.

here are my thoughts on 10 gems from kanye’s historical interview:

value yourself

  1. “people are slowed down by their perceptions of themselves.  i was taught that i can do anything, and i’m kanye west at age 36.  just watch the next 10 years.”  possess an undying love and appreciation for yourself — it’s your job to be your biggest fan.
  2. “go listen to all my music.  it’s the codes of self-esteem.  it’s the codes of who you are. if you’re a kanye west fan, you’re not a fan of me, you’re a fan of yourself.” not only should we posses an undying love and appreciation for ourselves, but it’s also necessary to be keenly aware of how we bless others.
  3. “you will win with me.” we have the power to change our karma and win in these streets.  it’s all about unlocking our unlimited potential.
  4. “dopeness is what i like the most.” why settle for mediocrity when dopeness is at your fingertips?
  5. “when i say i am a God people say who does he think he is? i just told you, a God.”  granted, i’ve never walked on water or fed thousands with two fish and a loaf of bread, but i do recognize that we’ve been created in the creator’s image.  that makes us all a reflection of greatness and power.