crush of the week: 726 sqft

elegant, effortless and ethereal are words that come to mind when scrolling through 726 sqft. dedicated to her late grandfather (who’s birthday was 7/26), tiffany creates lifestyle and fashion posts that inspire me to get my entire life together. also, her photography skills are absolutely beyond.

all pictures via 726 sqft


summertime fine: 5 tips for self care

black women need more avenues that lead to healing and self care.  with pervasive violence perpetrated both against us and around us, audre lorde called caring for ourselves an act of “political warfare.” this summer, i challenge sisters to deconstruct the superwoman myth and spend the season nurturing their self-care practices.

-self-care is never a selfish act—it is (2)

here are just a few tips that i’ve found helpful in creating my regimen:

1.  do what you loved as a child: if you enjoyed it as a child, chances are it will be therapeutic as an adult.  think back to the time when you weren’t worried about your job, student loans, children’s needs or relationship woes.  at about eight-years old, i fell in love with reading, but as an adult, haven’t made much time to enjoy fiction. i’ve gone back to that happy place this summer and selected five books for my summer reading list (blog post coming soon).

2.  travel: every year i stress myself out by trying to plan a big vacation. i stress the details, saving money and worry way too much about using my precious paid vacation days.  inevitably, my self-inflicted stress takes all the joy out of the experience and the trip goes up in flames. this year, i’m over it.  not only did bae and i plan weekend getaways between june and august, but i’ve also joined travel noire’s #tndistrict to get alerts on cheap flights abroad. i’m using my passport this year. you should too.

3.  eat healthy:  or at least eat less processed food and drink more water. there are many chronic health issues that a clean diet can help to resolve. take the the time to plan meals and snacks, eat out less and limit alcohol — you’ll feel 10 times better. admittedly, investing in my health is the hardest struggle i face, but a necessary component of my self-care regimen.

4.  connect with nature:  push away from your desk. go outside. take a walk, visit a park, have lunch, just take a moment to enjoy the fresh air and sun’s vitamin d.  on the weekends, instead of spending all of your valuable daylight hours watching tv or surfing the internet, go for a hike, ride your bike or read a book on your front porch. mindfulness teaches us to be present in every moment, and nature is a great motivator.

5.  be alone: significant others, children and friends are all great, but the relationships take lots of energy to maintain. love yourself as much as you love others, and schedule alone time each week, even if it’s just for 15 minutes. disconnecting from the needs of others and truly focusing on you is a golden experience.

for practical tips on mindfulness and self care, check out how to train a wild elephant: and other adventures in mindfulness by jan chozen bays. also, this article from the feminist wire does a great job placing black women’s self care into a revolutionary context.

be well. xo

crush of the week: danielle from love 416

dani1we love dani because her blog, personal style and eye for interior decor are fresh. not fresh like fly (although she most certainly is), but fresh like walking through a farmer’s market with a breeze on your back. she’s simply lovely.


check out her blog and youtube channel for delicious inspiration.

crush of the week: andrea pippins of fly

fly has been one of my favorite blogs since 2008.  the creator, andrea pippins, is a graphic artist whose prints and blog content will leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.  it’s a great space to feel recognized and embraced as a woman of color.

fly1fly2 fly3 fly4 fly5check out andrea’s etsy shop to purchase her prints and visit fly daily for her dope finds from around the interwebs.

all images via fly

crush of the week: food heaven made easy

i started following food heaven made easy a few years ago and was super inspired by young, vibrant sisters dedicated to supporting people of color live healthy lives.  wendy and jess are nutritionists whose videos and blog posts teach everything from how to prepare vegetarian soul food to weight loss tips. to make things even better, they both have a killer sense of style.


check their website for new videos on mondays.

things i’ve never done before: week 1

as promised, for the first friday in march, i’ve collected stories of people doing really cool things for the first time.  najwa and taniah were kind enough to share their first experiences with the world, and i’m excited about their growth!


Naj first time learning amharic2

I started the journey of learning one of the Semitic languages of east Africa–Amharic. After countless encounters with many East Africans, I gained the confidence to learn the language–and voluntarily make conversation with the many Habesha people of DC.  Today, I am able to speak basic sentences, write my name,  and a few sentences. I am mega proud of myself because I am busy with working, momhood, and wifehood. It’s refreshing.


I’m so excited to say, you inspired me to try a whole lot of firsts! I literally put my life on the line because I was determined try a “roll” for the first time.  Yes, I put my life on the line…well not literally but I am deathly allergic to fish (not shellfish but fish fish) and I ate a roll called Firecracker from this amazing restaurant by the name of Zenten on 14th Street in NW DC.  It was filled with fried shrimp tempura and topped with crab.  It was beyond AMAZING!  It’s like a drug because I’m already addicted and in need of more.
Moving on from food and to another first.  I wore my hair in a curly sort of style.  I always said, it would look too much like a jerry curl, but surprisingly, I’m really digging it and wish I didn’t wait so long to try it.
Last but not least, I am a bride-to-be, so for the first time, I tried on dresses and veils and asked my closest girlfriends to stand by my side as bridesmaids in my upcoming wedding.  Because my girls mean the world to me, I put in a lot of effort to create gift boxes to ask them to be in my wedding.  They LOVED them!
Bridesmaid photo-20 Wedding4
 All in all, this week of firsts taught me that you’re not really living until you move out of your comfort zone.  I did and i’ve never felt better!


things that make me smile: v-day edition

since i was a kid, valentine’s day has always been one of my favorite holidays.  i mean a day dedicated to being sweet joined with the opportunity to make crafts and eat candy?!?!  i was sold at a very early age.  for me, the day isn’t about giving and receiving extravagant gifts, but instead is an opportunity for excessive thoughtfulness–you know, the kind that our individualistic society forces us to minimize.  release your inner kid today, and treat yourself and your loved ones to something  thoughtful that makes you all smile.

i’ve curated a few things that will bring me unsolicited joy this valentine’s day:


enjoy your day!