weekend wear 9.15.14

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happy monday good folks! i stopped by oyin handmade’s flagship store in baltimore this weekend and got some of the best hair and body products known to man! i highly recommend their no ash at all body lotion, greg juice hair humectant and natural deodorant called funk butter.

i hope you had a great weekend!

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weekend wear 5.4.14

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the weather was superb in dc this weekend, and i couldn’t wait to slip on this black maxi dress that i found at a little shop on south street in philly.  it’s a breath away from the kind of thing you’d wear to a nightclub, but i’m a sucker for a fitted maxi, so i threw on a cropped jacket and my favorite hat to change the vibe. many thanks to photographer ed savwoir who stopped me and asked to snap the head shots above. he took these amazing pictures in less than 5 minutes!  check him out at

i hope you’re enjoying your saturdays this spring by eating lots of ice cream and day drinking at rooftop lounges (i know i am)!

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weekend wear 4.14.14

IMG_0885the weather was perfect for the cherry blossom parade and festival in dc over the weekend. everyone was out celebrating the sunlight after a painful winter, and i finally got a chance to wear this vintage hat that i picked up last year.

IMG_0886IMG_0878 IMG_0883 IMG_0907IMG_0821 photo (6)IMG_0928i can’t wait to wear this dress again with different shoes — a pair of colored heels or patterned flats maybe?  we did lots of walking this weekend so simple, flat sandals were a must.

lots of love to the nice people who couldn’t speak english, but enlisted a friend to help them ask for my picture.  hope you enjoyed dc!

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MAC-ing for lupita

last week, black women took to twitter to create a campaign for our superwoman, lupita nyong’o, to receive her own lipstick shade by mac. i can’t think of a worthier cause in the beauty industry and smiled at the sight of sisters rocking bold lip colors with the hashtag #lupitaforMAC.  kudos to my black feminist twitter gurus, joan morgan, yaba blay and esther armah, for helping to showcase black women’s beauty and calling on a major cosmetics company to respond to our voices.


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goodbye 2013

2013 was amazing. cliche, i know, but i can’t think of a time in my life when i’ve been happier.  between a new job, living in a great city, an amazing family and friends and falling in (and out) of love, i’ve grown more during the past 12 months than the past few years combined.  thank you to my readers, especially those who have followed since 2011 — your support keeps me motivated to share my random thoughts on life. here’s a review of 2013 captured by politics and fashion:

1. thanks to michael idiokitas for his bomb photography skills and asking me to pose for his forthcoming streetstyle book.


ruby woo: a black girl’s best friend

red lipstick 3“she too dark to  have on that red lipstick.” apparently, asap rocky isn’t the only person who believes black women on the darker side of the melanin spectrum shouldn’t wear bright lipstick.  according to my big sister kdj, she faced this not-so-quiet whisper while boarding the bus, and was quick to couch it among the bevy of criticism and judgmental stares that she receives while wearing her precious ruby woo lipstick. not easily intimidated, kdj was unfazed, but her comments made me think: how many black women shy away from bright colors because we’ve been told that we’re too “dark”?

when i turned 16, my mom took me to the fashion fair counter and purchased my first makeup kit.  the sales associate counseled me to wear warm colors and quickly applied a golden lipgloss that was as thick as molasses.  the message was clear: dark-skinned girls like me shouldn’t venture to the more colorful side of the lip color rainbow.  thank God some of us are challenging the ridiculous notion that skin color should be the only determinant for lip color.

reds, pinks and the current trend of even bolder colors like blue and purple are being worn by sisters as chocolate as sudanese model alek wek (pictured below).  beauty is all about self-expression and confidence; let the naysayers mumble under their breath while we dark-skinned-red lipstick wearers continue to swag the fuck out.  remember that the roots of this “no bright colors” rule comes from the same racist and sexist paradigm that tells us we’re not beautiful.

i’m sending power and love to sisters who boldly eschew the restrictive norms that are associated with being dark skinned.  i see you.

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