nubian hueman

what’s your nude?

i’m tired of picking up “nude” bras that were made for a tanned miley cyrus. what better way to celebrate yesterday’s national underwear day, than to invest in under garments made especially for brown skin women? round of applause for uk company nubian skin that’s changing the game by making hosiery and lingerie for melaninated sisters.

this-brown-brand_nubian-skinNubian-Skin-4 img_2714-0 Nubian-Skin-3 if you’re in the dc metro, visit nubian hueman, a seriously fly black-owned boutique, to shop for your nude bras, panties and panty hose.

weekend wear 7.28.14

DSC_0442DSC_0433DSC_0436DSC_0383 DSC_0373DSC_0394DSC_0441DSC_0378hey good people! i worked with carlisha shanae photography this weekend for the black beauty: unbleached photo series.  the endeavor showcases the beauty of four black women with sunkissed skin, more specifically, those who would have been forced into category d based upon the original straight outta compton casting call.  through this series, carlisha shanae is abolishing norms and creating a wider space for women of all hues to see their reflections. many thanks to the photographer, models and production crew for a dynamic shoot — i felt blessed, loved and empowered.

check instagram for the teaser video from our shoot. stay tuned for the full length version!

dress, ashanti brazil from nubian hueman | necklace, forever 21 (similar here) | shoes, nordstrom rack (last seen here) | lipstick, rich violet by kat von d

weekend wear 6.30.14

DSC_0478DSC_0447DSC_0338 DSC_0352backDSC_0496DSC_0500

it’s been a whole year since michael idiokitas connected tosin and me for a photoshoot.  after much instagram love over the past 12 months, we decided it was time for round two and tosin brought along her good friend nicole.  three bloody marys and lots of laughter created a girl band vibe that was totally unscripted. good times, good food and good company.

hope you enjoyed your weekend!

shirt, nubian hueman | skirt, thrifted | shoes, nordstrom rack (last seen here) | necklace, j.crew

weekend wear 5.19.14

Tashira2Tashira1Tashira4 Tashira5Tashira7 Tashira8 Tashira9 Tashira10 Tashira11 Tashira13much love to carlisha shanae photography for capturing these dope shots! i promise i wasn’t the only one dancing at the jefferson memorial this weekend.  a dj and an acrobat were posted near the steps, and i thought it was a great opportunity to boogie.

hope you had a good weekend!

shirt, h&m | jeans, target | shoes, nordstrom rack (similar here) | necklaces, vendors at eastern market | square silver bangle, nubian hueman | vintage clutch, gifted from kdj | sunglasses, prada from nordstrom rack (similar here) | lipstick, volt by milani

p.s. in honor of the warm weather, i cut my hair super short last week and love that it takes even less effort to maintain.


weekend wear 5.4.14

Tashira Sexy 2new sexy 4Tashira Sexy 5new sexy 2.1 Tashira SEXYnew sexy 3new sexyTashira Sexy 4

the weather was superb in dc this weekend, and i couldn’t wait to slip on this black maxi dress that i found at a little shop on south street in philly.  it’s a breath away from the kind of thing you’d wear to a nightclub, but i’m a sucker for a fitted maxi, so i threw on a cropped jacket and my favorite hat to change the vibe. many thanks to photographer ed savwoir who stopped me and asked to snap the head shots above. he took these amazing pictures in less than 5 minutes!  check him out at

i hope you’re enjoying your saturdays this spring by eating lots of ice cream and day drinking at rooftop lounges (i know i am)!

hat, h&m I vintage re-purposed jacket, vendor at little five points in atlanta | dress, south street in philly (similar style here) | shoes, zara | square bangle, nubian human boutique | initial necklaces, vendors at eastern market in dc | lipstick, up the amp by mac