5 reasons why #blackoutday won

alphablack folks took to the internet yesterday to remind ourselves and the world just what beauty looks like.  from different hues, genders, sexual orientations and physical abilities, our melanin shut social media down. here are five reasons why unapologetically black spaces like #blackoutday are important:



the face of domestic violence

popular model and blogger danii phae bravely shared images of her alleged abuse by ex-boyfriend j$tash.  in a tumblr post, she described him as someone who abused her “verbally, mentally and emotionally.”  according to danii he became physically violent on september 15th after she confronted him regarding his infidelity.

my heart goes out to this young sister who is facing such a difficult struggle.  her courage is beyond commendable, especially because her popularity gives her every reason to hide her abuse.  instead, she’s using the very platform that helped make her famous, the internet, to empower others and “speak up against domestic violence for those who can’t due to the manipulative acts [their] abusers inflict.”


crush of the week: bazaar bohemian

2 4 516bazaar bohemian’s tumblr and instagram are delicious.  constantly mixing bold textiles, i’m slightly obsessed with her aesthetic.   she’s launching a lifestyle brand this spring, stay tuned.


crush of the week: jillian mercado


always dressed for the gawds, jillian mercado’s wheelchair is not something you immediately notice. her courage to be differently abled in an industry that’s extremely image focused is inspiring.  she blogs at manufactured 1987 and can be found slaying the less fashionable in new york city streets.