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crips 4 christ: black folx can’t take a joke

issa rae is one of my favorite actresses.  she’s smart and absolutely hilarious — if you haven’t seen the misadventures of an awkward black girl then i suggest you go to youtube and get your life.  evolving into a media mogul, issa recently ventured into the world of satirical christian hip hop.  now i always chuckled at the idea of christian rap music, i mean it’s something about spitting 16 bars about christ that just doesn’t get at the essence of hip hop.  issa takes this idea a bit farther by creating a HA-larious song thanking jay dot cee (read jesus christ) for her exploits as a gangster.

some black folx have been up in arms about issa’s song and video, calling it disrespectful (see the comments under the video).  okay, maybe if you’re a die-hard christian, then i can see how the concept may make you uncomfortable; however, my bigger issue is that black people just don’t seem to understand satire.   if we can laugh at tyler perry’s meet the browns, a blatant play upon negative stereotypes, then we can certainly find the humor in the paradoxical idea of issa rae as a christ-loving-crip-walking rapper who throws up the cross as her gang sign.  i can’t be the only black person who goes to church once a month that finds this funny…

a little link love

happy monday family!  here’s what i’ve found interesting, inspiring and perplexing from around the web:

1.  mtv’s vmas were really white.  no, i mean WHITE.  macklemore won the award for best hip-hop video, justin timberlake won the michael jackson vanguard achievement award and miley cyrus conducted a performance that made black twitter shake its proverbial head.  colorlines posted the video of miley’s minstrelsy and the priceless photo of the smith family’s alleged reaction.  note, the huffington post is reporting that the image is a bad still shot of a video camera’s live feed, and the smiths were actually watching lady gaga perform.  apparently, they didn’t have looks of shock and disgust on their faces — but i’m sure someone in the audience did.


2.  have you heard about this harriet tubman sex tape mess?  evidently, some you tube vloggers got together and created a comedy routine about harriet tubman bribing a white slave master with a tape of their sexual escapades in exchange for her freedom.  right…that’s no where near funny.  writer frantz fanon was very clear about the role neocolonialists play in uplifting the power structure and perpetuating hegemonic forces; his analysis is brought to mind when black and brown folx are consumed with coonery for their sole economic benefit.  unless you think freeing slaves is funny, there is no reason that harriet tubman’s image should ever come to mind when putting together a comedy routine.  oh, and russel simmons produced the tape. hear chescaleigh speak on the need for conscious comedy below:

3.  last week, news reports circulated interviews where macklemore said he wouldn’t be as successful if he was black and j.cole said he wouldn’t be as successful if he had darker skin.  slow clap for rappers speaking with some clarity on racism and colorism and how it affects our everyday lives, including the entertainment industry.

4.  white entertainers have lost their minds.  hide all your customs and traditions — it’s open season for cultural appropriation.  don’t believe me?  behold lady gaga and her burqua obsessiongagaburqa-300x254.  her look has inspired her fans to post pictures of themselves on social media with scarves covering their faces and ridiculous captions like “burqua swag.”

5.  tumblr_static_red#thedarkskinredlip project was started by beauty blog for brown girls and celebrates dark skinned black women who rock bold lip colors.  check out the blog and be sure to submit your picture!

a lipstick story

natural hair and beauty vlogger franchesca aka chescalocs created this great video chronically her journey from refusing to add color to her lips to now rocking bright and bold colors.  aside from franchesca just being all around dope (she’s the author of the very first “shit white girls say to black girls” video), she kindly gives us the names of all the ah-mazing colors she’s wearing at the end of her video.


for more on black women’s hesitation indoctrination that they can’t wear bright lip colors, check out ruby woo: a black girl’s best friend

beyonce and jay-z visit cuba


the king and queen of hip-hop visited cuba recently and the media has been asking some serious questions.  primarily, how did two negros receive clearances to travel to the most hated country (aside from venezuela) in the western hemisphere?  in classic carter family fashion, jay released his response to he and b’s haters by song.  in it, he claims to have called up president obama personally and received his approval for the trip.  while i’m sure this was just obligatory rap bravado, watch below as white house press secretary jay carney responds to a journalist’s questions about the song.  listening to this woman repeat a rap lyric was the highlight of my day.

let’s focus on what’s most important…that linen-zebra-print outfit that beyonce is wearing and how i wiped drool from my bottom lip when i saw it.